Apalone mutica (Lesueur) – Smooth Softshell
Apalone mutica (Lesueur) – Smooth Softshell

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     Exact locality, based on specimen(s) or photographs examined
     Exact locality, based on literature record believed valid
     Approximate locality based on specimen(s) or photographs examined
     Approximate locality based on literature record believed valid
     County record only, based on specimens or photographs examined
     County record only, based on literature report believed valid
     Type locality
?      Questionable and/or problematic record

Taxonomy: Two subspecies of Apalone mutica are listed by Iverson et al. (2012). Apalone m. mutica, the Midland Smooth Softshell, occurs in Tennessee (Conant and Collins 1998). 

Distribution: The Smooth Softshell has been documented in the Cumberland River drainage in Pickett and Davidson counties, the upper Tennessee River drainage in Roane County, several sites in the lower Tennessee River drainage, and in the Reelfoot Lake area of the Mississippi River drainage. 

Museum Records by Counties: Davidson—CMNH R3190.  Henry—APSU 2620, 5047. Houston—APSU 3256.  Humphreys—FLMNH  (uncataloged 140); UMMZ 53198.  Lake—CMNH 95399-95401, 96062, 107876-107885, 107890-107936; LSUMZ 34769; USNM 102677.  Obion—USNM 102910.  Stewart—APSU 700, 4955, 16500. 

Literature Sources by Counties: Benton—Webb (1962).  Lake—Cahn (1937), Parker (1939, 1948), Stejneger (1944), Webb (1962).  Obion—Cahn (1937), Parker (1939, 1948), Stejneger (1944), Webb (1962).  Pickett—Gentry (1941), Shoup et al. (1941).  Roane—Steen et al. (2012).  Stewart—Scott (1990). 

Questionable and/or Erroneous Records: None. 

Conservation Status: None.

Posted: 3 October 2008

Latest Revision: 15 February 2013

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