Graptemys geographica (Lesueur) – Northern Map Turtle
Graptemys geographica (LeSueur) – Northern Map Turtle

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     Exact locality, based on specimen(s) or photographs examined
     Exact locality, based on literature record believed valid
     Approximate locality based on specimen(s) or photographs examined
     Approximate locality based on literature record believed valid
     County record only, based on specimens or photographs examined
     County record only, based on literature report believed valid
     Type locality
?      Questionable and/or problematic record

Taxonomy:  Graptemys geographica is a monotypic species with no recognized subspecies (Iverson et al. 2012). 

Distribution:  The Northern Map Turtle is found throughout Middle and East Tennessee in streams of the Tennessee and Cumberland River drainage basins.  One questionable literature record (see below) exists from the Reelfoot Lake area. 

Museum Records by Counties: AndersonTU 31172.  BedfordAUM 22910.  BlountMCZ 1913; TU 21909.  CheathamUSNM   129390. ClaiborneUSNM 86674, 86676, 86762-86765.  ClayUMMZ 112385.  DavidsonCMNH R 3005, R 3197; UMMZ 70704.  DecaturKU 3361.  DicksonAPSU 18129.  GilesUTKVZC 6795.  HamblenUMMZ 96264.  HancockAPSU 19141.  HardinAPSU 19490.  HickmanAPSU 19325.  HoustonAPSU 1397, 6004, 6016, 6036.  JacksonTTU 967.  LawrenceAPSU 19609.  LewisAPSU 19337.  LincolnTU 16051.  LoudonNCSM 40888.  MauryLSUMZ 34929.  MontgomeryAPSU 1813.  OvertonUSNM 107784.  PerryUMMZ 125233.  PolkAPSU 19304, 19305.  RheaUTKVZC 3755.  RoaneUSNM 86699, 86700, 86737.  ScottAPSU 6174.  StewartAPSU 781, 834, 3453.   WayneAUM 32659; TU 15075.  WhiteTTU 528.  WilliamsonAPSU 19348. 

Literature Sources by Counties:  BlountWood (1946), Tilley and Huheey (2001).  CannonMiller and Miller (2011a).  ClayGentry (1941).  CoffeeNiemiller (2005).  FranklinMiller et al. (2005).  HamiltonNiemiller and Reynolds (2013e).  HancockDaniels et al. (2012).  HardinButterfield et al. (2014).  HickmanFoster et al. (2013).  HumphreysWilliamson (2001a).  LawrenceMiller and Baughman (2015).  LewisFoster et al. (2013).  MarionWilson et al. (2012).  MarshallHaislip (2008).  MontgomeryScott (1967), Scott and Snyder (1968).  OvertonGentry (1941), Weber and Layzer (2011).  PolkNelson et al. (2012).  RoaneKrumholz (1954), Johnson (1964), Meyers-Schöne and Walton (1990), Meyers-Schöne et al. (1993), Van Dyke et al. (2013).  RutherfordLimsuwan and Dunn (1977, 1978), Cooper and Sharp (1982), Glorioso and Niemiller (2006), Landry (2010), Niemiller et al. (2011).  WarrenNiemiller and Reynolds (2013e).  WilliamsonFoster et al. (2013).  WilsonNiemiller and Reynolds (2013e).   

Questionable and/or Erroneous Records: Wells et al. (1974) reported collecting several (exact number not given) females from “the Reelfoot Lake area of West Tennessee” for use in a laboratory study to determine the effects of aldrin and dieldrin on the ATPase system.  Apparently the remains of these animals were discarded following the study, thus no voucher material exist.  This record, though not being disputed, must be considered problematic until verified with voucher specimens or photographs of the species from this part of Tennessee.

Conservation Status: None.

Posted: 23 July 2009

Latest Revision: 11 February 2016

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