Farancia abacura (Holbrook) — Red-bellied Mudsnake
Farancia abacura (Holbrook)  Red-bellied Mudsnake

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     Exact locality, based on literature record believed valid
     Approximate locality based on specimen(s) or photographs examined
     Approximate locality based on literature record believed valid
     County record only, based on specimens or photographs examined
     County record only, based on literature report believed valid
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Taxonomy: Two subspecies of the Red-bellied Mud Snake are recognized by Crother et al. (2012).  Conant and Collins (1998) provide a distribution map showing F. a. reinwardtii (Western Mudsnake) as the subspecies occurring in Tennessee. 

Distribution: The species is infrequently encountered in Reelfoot Lake and in wetland habitats along major streams that drain into the Mississippi River in West Tennessee. 

Museum Records by Counties: Carroll—APSU 19424.  Fayette—APSU 18940.  Gibson—APSU 3335.  Haywood—APSU 15806.  Henry—APSU 19131, 19238.  Lake—KU 82084; LSUMZ 74856; UIMNH 16261; UMMZ 84410.  Madison—UMMZ 74700.  McNairy—APSU 19759.  Obion—APSU 12698; UMMZ 152113; SIUC R-4126; UL 4150.   Shelby—APSU 15805.  Tipton—APSU 19068.

Literature Sources by Counties: Carroll—Flaherty et al. (2013). Chester—Endsley (1954).  Fayette—Ream and Johansen (2009).  Hardeman—Norton (1971), Norton and Harvey (1975).  Henry—Frymire et al. (2012).  Lake—Parker (1941, 1948), Goodman (1949), Baker (1957), Niemiller et al. (2007).  McNairy—Butterfield (2016).  Obion—Parker (1937a, 1939, 1941, 1948), Goodman (1949), Baker (1957), Goodman and Monks (2006).  Shelby—Parker (1948).   Tipton—Colvin (2011d).

Questionable and/or Erroneous Records: None. 

Conservation Status: None.

Posted: 16 September 2008

Latest Revision: 27 January 2017

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