Order Caudata


Family Sirenidae - Sirens

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Siren intermedia
Siren intermedia Le Conte - Lesser Siren

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Description: The lesser siren is a permanently aquatic, eel-like salamander that possesses well-developed external gills. Adults reach total lengths of 18.0 to 68.6 cm. Tiny front limbs are present, hind limbs absent. Dorsal coloration varies from gray to brown to black and may include small diffuse light spots. Lateral body surfaces and venter may have light flecks.

Distribution and Habitat: The lesser siren is known from sluggish streams, oxbows, and flooded ditches throughout most of the Coastal Plain of West Tennessee and from swamps and marshes in the Cumberland River floodplain in Stewart, Montgomery, and Davidson counties.

Taxonomy: Only one subspecies, S. i. nettingi Goin is found in Tennessee (Martof, 1973).

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