New County Records and Other Data Since 1996

Rana capito Le Conte - Gopher Frog

Since publication of Atlas of Amphibians in Tennessee (Redmond, W. H. and A. F. Scott. 1996. The Center for Field Biology, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN. 94 pp.), several applicable taxonomic and nomenclatural changes have appeared in the literature. Comments, accompanied by cited references, on changes that pertain to Rana capito follow:

Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Changes

The genus Rana was split by Frost et al. (2006, The amphibian tree of life. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 297:1-370), with all eastern North American ranid species placed in the genus Lithobates.  Also, the subspecies sevosa was elevated to species by Young and Crother (2001, Allozyme evidence for the separation of Rana areolata and Rana capito and for the resurrection of Rana sevosa. Copeia 2001:382388) creating a new binominal (Lithobates sevosa) for the Dusky Gopher Frog.

New County Records

No new Tennessee county records for this species have appeared in the literature since Atlas of Amphibians in Tennessee was published in 1996.