New County Records and Other Data Since 1996


Lithobates blairi (Mecham, Littlejohn, Oldham, Brown, and Brown) Plains Leopard Frog

Since publication of Atlas of Amphibians in Tennessee (Redmond, W. H. and A. F. Scott. 1996. The Center for Field Biology, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN. 94 pp.), several new distribution records have appeared in the literature. Comments, accompanied by cited references and a distribution map, as they pertain to L. blairi follow:

First Record for Tennessee

Fulbright et al. (2014) reported Lithobates blairi for the first time in Tennessee along Levee Phillipy Road in Lake County, not far from sites previously documented (CMC [Cincinnati Museum of Natural History] 12314) in adjacent Fulton County, Kentucky. The Tennessee record involved a single specimen (APSU 19442) that was captured along with 65 L. spehenocephalus and 11 individuals that appeared to be L. blairi x L. spehenocephalus hybrids. 

Literature Cited

Fulbright, M. C, J. P. Flaherty, C. M. Gienger, and Jon MacGregor. 2014. Geographic distribution: Lithobates blairi. Herpetol. Rev. 45:87.

Distribution Map
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