New County Records and Other Data Since 1996

Plethodon dorsalis complex - Zigzag Salamanders

Since publication of Atlas of Amphibians in Tennessee (Redmond, W. H. and A. F. Scott. 1996. The Center for Field Biology, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN. 94 pp.), several applicable taxonomic and nomenclatural changes and numerous reports of new county records have appeared in the literature. Following are comments, accompanied by cited references, on the taxonomic and nomenclatural changes, plus an updated distribution map and bibliographical information on new county records as they pertain to P. dorsalis:

Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Changes

A major taxonomic revision of the  P. dorsalis complex by (Highton 1997) recognized each of the three most divergent groups as full species (one newly described).  These included P. dorsalis, P. angusticlavius, and P. ventralis sp. nov. (Southern Zigzag Salamander). Of the three, two (P. dorsalis and P. ventralis) occur in Tennessee, the former across central Tennessee and the latter in eastern Tennessee. Counties in eastern Tennessee listed for P. ventralis in the original description (Highton 1997) included Bledsoe, Blount, Hamblen, Moore, and Washington.

Literature Cited

Highton, R. 1997. Geographic protein variation and speciation in the Plethodon dorsalis complex. Herpetologica 53:345-356.

Updated Distribution Map
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Update to Plethodon dorsalis

Literature Containing New County Records

Anderson, Pickett, Roane and Sequatchie counties 

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Fentress County

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Hancock and Jefferson counties

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Hickman County

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Maury County

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Rhea County 

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Trousdale County

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