A historical summary of the study of amphibians in Tennessee is provided. The environmental setting of the state is described in terms of physiography, climate, drainages, soils, vegetation, and ecoregions. Distribution maps are provided for 21 species of frogs and 45 species of salamanders. Accompanying each map are short narratives on the species' distribution, ecology, and taxonomy. Questionable and erroneous species reports are also discussed.


        The willingness of others to provide data, contribute unpublished information, and freely share their opinions and insights was vital to the successful completion of this atlas. For their hospitality during our visits, access to their collections and numerous other inputs we thank Roger W. Barbour, Rick D. Bivens, Charles R. Blem, Herbert T. Boschung, Alvin L. Braswell, Noel M. Burkhead, John G. Byrd, Ron S. Caldwell, Ken Childress, Joseph T. Collins, Ron I. Crombie, Don H. DeFoe, Kenneth C. Dodd, Neil H. Douglas, Harold A. Dundee, Arthur C. Echternacht, Brian J. Freeman, John R. Freeman, Tom W. French, William H. Gutzke, Robert M. Hatcher, Richard Highton, Donald F. Hoffmeister, Joseph S. Jacob, Robert L. Jones, O. Ray Jordan, Mike L. Kennedy, Arnold J. Kluge, John R. MacGregor, Hymen Marx, Raymond C. Matthews, G. Mazurek, Peter Meylan, Clarence J. McCoy, Brian T. Miller, Burt L. Monroe, Robert H. Mount, George G. Murphy, Jerry W. Nagel, William F. Nelson, Larry M. Page, William M. Palmer, Jose P. Rosado, Robert D. Ross, Douglas A. Rossman, Raymond S. Semlitsch, Charles W. Seyle, David H. Snyder, Steven G. Tilley, Randy Vaeth, R. Vasile, Richard C. Vogt, J. O. Whitaker, C. Duke Wilder, Ernst E. Williams, David I. Withers, Howard L. Yarbrough, Harry C. Yeatman, and George Zug.

        John R. MacGregor freely provided unpublished data for Plethodon kentucki and Brian T. Miller provided numerous unpublished records for Middle and West Tennessee. Conversations with Richard Highton and Steven G. Tilley were especially helpful in plotting the distributions of Plethodon and Desmognathus. David H. Snyder, Brian T. Miller, Rita Gunderson, and Colleen White reviewed and proofed the manuscript. William Fontanez, UTK Cartography Services Laboratory, supplied the map showing Tennessee county names and boundaries.

        The Tennessee Valley Authority's Division of Land Management provided funding for travel associated with obtaining museum data and other financial support. Austin Peay State University's Center for Field Biology underwrote much of the printing cost. The rest came from registration fees and auction proceeds generated at the second conference on Tennessee herpetology sponsored by the Tennessee Herpetological Society at Lincoln Memorial University, 5-7 October 1995.


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